Jeremy Tuplin takes us on a dream journey in Violet Waves

Jeremy Tuplin - Violet Waves
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Rolling onto the scene with wagon full of bangers, Jeremy Tuplin’s latest release, Violet Waves, delves into loving, losing and ladykillers.

Parking up, whipping open the shutters and pressing play on his mobile-music machine, ‘Back From The Dead’ begins to blare, drawing in a crowd of passersby. The funky, upbeat instrumental draws the crowd into a trance, shuffling their feet and jigging to the beat. Jeremy establishes himself as the man to watch, with vocals that match the melody just as syrup matches pancakes.

Ploughing on with the same consistency, Jeremy treats us to a dreamy journey drenched in psychedelia with ‘Space Magic’. A woozy guitar solo creeps in and brings the song to a close, melting every ear it touches. From ‘The Idiot’ through to ‘Violets Are Blue’, Mr Tuplin has everyone captivated by his gentle melodies and soothing vocals, singing songs of tragedy.

Referencing the opener, final track ‘When I Die, etc.’, eases in and out of bold high tempos and a calming pace to give the onlookers something to remember him by. The track stops and the crowd roars, applauding Jeremy’s performance that moved between touching and exciting. Packing up his wagon, he heads on his way, floating off on a sea of violet waves. Job done.

Haiku Review:
A wagon of tunes;
A sea of violet waves
And tasty pancakes.

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