Sea Girls deliver typical indie goodness in debut album

Sea Girls - Open Up Your Head
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We haven’t really had much of a summer. Seeing your mates doesn’t feel the same and going on holiday is out of the question. But with Sea Girls’ new album, Open Up Your Head, you can at least imagine it all. From beginning to end, every song feels about as summery as it gets.

Their debut may not be the most original, sounding like almost every indie album released in the past five years and filled with not-so-subtle nods to the greats, but there’s something comforting about the familiarity of it all. It’s nice to view it as a tribute to significant guitar bands from over the past few decades. They’re all there: a delicate reference to The Strokes’s ‘Last Nite’ in the riff for ‘Ready For More’, hints of The 1975 in ‘Moving On’ – all doused in The Killers-esque vibes. They make it feel somewhat nostalgic, managing to make you reminisce on memories you didn’t even know you had.

It’s not a complete rip-off, though, with colourful guitars and memorable lyrics that inject something refreshing. The combination of old and new prevents the album from being overly generic and forgettable.

It’s also a bonus that the album is very pretty and fun to listen to. Every song feels perfect for the soundtrack to a coming of age film, full of chill guitars and wistful lyrics. With a healthy mix of upbeat dancey tracks and softer, slightly melancholy songs, it never once gets boring or starts to drag.

Lacking experimentation and bordering on the basic side, Open Up Your Head might not be ranking high on many best-of lists. But it doesn’t need to. It’s charming and enjoyable and the right kind of pick-me-up that everybody needs right now.

Haiku Review:
To make up for things,
Sea Girls have managed to bring
summer as a sound

Listen to Sea Girls on Spotify. Check out our print magazine featuring, girl in red, Sorry, Dream Wife, Arlo Parks and more HERE

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