GRAE’s latest EP shows an ode to The Cure

GRAE - Permanent Maniac
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As summer draws to a close, GRAE’s new EP is here to help us soak up the last of the sun.

Made up of dreamy sounds and jazzy guitars, it’s full of songs perfect for catching the final rays of the season. The sound of every track is the definition of pretty. It’s all relaxing riffs and fun lyrics, filled with chill beachy vibes. The transition of each track is so perfectly blended and makes the album feel slightly like a hazy dream. Everything ties in well together, but nothing is too similar for things to become dull or repetitive. The change in sound across the EP is so gradual that you hardly notice it, and by the end it’s almost a shock to find that it’s over. 

The tone is set with the opening title track. Written about Robert Smith, the song is a cleverly unconventional love song filled with references to The Cure. It so perfectly encapsulates the slight obsessiveness of having a celebrity crush, giving us something both relatable and gorgeous to listen to.

The Cure is referenced a handful of times throughout the EP, tying things together even more. ‘2725’ mentions listening to the band in beautifully romantic lyrics. This song is filled with a certain hopefulness that emphasises the optimistic summery sounds and adds to the overall sense of tranquility. It’s not all light-hearted lyrics, though – it has its lower moments within the lines of ‘Ex Lovers’ and ‘Bang Bang’, offering a nice variation without taking anything away from the vibes. The words are simultaneously fun and hard hitting. Permanent Maniac exhibits GRAE’s talents and showcases her potential in the 18 minutes it has to work with. It might not be a stretch to suggest that one day she will be regarded as pop royalty.

Haiku Review:
Robert Smith love notes
Are a perfect way to bring
Summer to an end.

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