The Rewind – 17/11/20

As the country hits pause, we hit Rewind. Draw your curtains, make yourself a strong brew, and settle in for the finest new music videos around.

Working Men’s Club – ‘John Cooper Clarke’

Working Men’s Club, who released a solid debut album last month, have just dropped a video for standout track ‘John Cooper Clarke’. The video is primarily composed of older footage of dancers in nightclubs, juxtaposed with a more recent footage of a prom celebration. There’s a medley of all the moves here, from sweaty thrashing, to slow dancing with a partner, and even a little bit of Fortnite for good measure. The editing keeps a quick pace, and shots of synchronised moving lips, the band, and the ‘punk poet’ namesake himself also flash on screen. By merging all of these together, Working Men’s Club get at the fleeting feeling of joy between communities that form on the dancefloor.

Eels – ‘Are We Alright Again’

In keeping with their flair for good humoured music videos, L.A.-based rock band EELS have released a video to welcome the arrival of their new single, ‘Are We Alright Again’. The video description reads: ‘A typical EELS fan finds solace in EELS music’ – in this particular instance, the EELS fan in question is Jon Hamm, who relaxes into the record with a tumbler of whisky and noise-cancelling headphones. In the background, his apartment gets looted by three masked thieves, who realise his blissful ignorance to the world outside his head, and proceed to steal an all manner of EELS related merch, and various other priceless objects. Hamm’s various faces throughout the video are entertaining enough, but the journey of robbery in the background as another visitor gets involved just puts the icing on the cake.

N.B. It’s worth mentioning the similarities between this video, and one by New Zealand band Goodshirt. To their credit, EELS have quickly communicated that the similarity is merely incidental, and have pointed fans in the direction of another great music video (and song) playing on the same concept – you can check that out here.

Oneohtrix Point Never – ‘Lost But Never Alone’

This might possibly be the weirdest video I have linked on The Rewind, but it’s a rabbit hole I recommend you spend four minutes falling down. If you’ve never heard of him before, Oneohtrix Point Never is an experimental electronic musician, though it would be more accurate to say he dabbles in everything really. His music videos are always just as unexpected and inspired as his songs, and his video for latest single ‘Lost But Never Alone’ carries on that trend. Without giving too much away, the video depicts various ’80s styled TV shows and films bearing the same title as the song, that show a different take on its message. There’s something saddening, terrifying, and heartwarming to be seen in all of them, but it’s the way they work in the guitar solo at the end of this slow burner song that makes it absolutely something you should not miss.

Pale Waves – ‘Change’

Channelling their inner Avril Lavigne, Manchester-based Pale Waves delivered an indie pop modern classic earlier in the week, complete with a music video that hits all the right notes of the style. The costume department really excelled on this one, with the whole band looking like they’ve rolled straight out of a goth magazine – expect black clothing, choker chains, dyed hair, and lots and lots of dark eyeliner. Whilst the music video keeps things simple, it works perfectly as a throwback treat, and matches the song’s knowing fun and catchiness. There are a couple of cool effects used to update the early noughties aesthetic though, such as flowers rapidly blooming, butterflies flying slowly in front of the camera lens, and even a bit of moody dramatic rain thrown in for good measure. If you spent your teen years growing up to the soundtrack of pop punk icons like Paramore and Evanescence, this one’s for you.