Girl in Red is better than ever in Boston

I’m Doing it Again, Baby!, the new record from Girl in Red, kicks off in stark contrast to the mood we’ve come to know from the Norwegian, Gen-Z pop rocker. ‘I’m back / I feel like myself / I was gone for a minute ‘cus I went to get help…’ she sings, before jumping into images of a field of daisies, and feeling light as a feather. In a society that tends to be hyperfocused on the negative – especially in “celebrity” culture – it’s not just refreshing hearing a song like ‘I’m Back’ and a singer like Marie Ulven Ringheim revel in self-improvement and optimism. It’s goddamn celebratory.

Last night in Boston, she kicked off her tour in similarly celebratory fashion. After being relatively quiet for the last three years, it was as if a lion was released from her cage, well-rested and stronger than ever. Gone was the nervous energy present in her last tour, replaced by a confident adrenaline as she bounced, spun, and headbanged around the stage like a proper disciple of Jack Black from School of Rock. (The highest of compliments) The suit and tie getup she donned all night further hammered this home.

The energy that she – and her band, who were equally and delightfully all over the place – commanded was palpable. From the moment she took the stage, launching immediately into the new album’s raucous title track, the crowd was as spirited as she was, jumping and singing along with her, sometimes even drowning her out.

Simply put: the environment was fun as hell.

Indie-grunge up-and-comers Momma kicked off the night, unfortunately not rising to the occasion. Despite going into the night rather excited to finally catch them in a live setting, their set was borderline dull, compounded heavily by the poor mixing which often led to the co-vocalists being drowned out and incomprehensible. Additionally, their setlist was full of odd choices, most notably not including two of their best and most recognisable (if that applies here) songs in ‘Rip Off’ and ‘Rockstar’. They did slightly regain a few points by debuting a new song currently titled ‘Rodeo’, though.

The crowd didn’t seem to mind however, as 30 minutes later, girl in red came out to thunderous applause. Spanning 20 songs, Marie and her band flew through most of the new record with ease, sprinkling in plenty of old standbys like ‘Serotonin’ and ‘we fell in love in October’ to the audience’s delight. The set design, a multi-tiered display of primary colours that Marie lovingly referred to as “the playground” and “inspired by [her] love for Italian lamps”, was well-thought out, and added a captivating element to the performance. The band seemed to eat this up as much as the crowd did, smiles barely leaving their faces.

Credit: Adeline Foster

Which brings me back to the mood of it all. The show not only served as a celebration of Marie’s seemingly more optimistic life perspectives as hinted above, but as a beautiful, heartfelt celebration of queer love, with LGBTQ+ flags and signs flying proudly throughout the audience. She made many references to her girlfriend of three years, apparently in attendance, including a predictably adorable dedication of new song, ‘A Night to Remember’.

She talked a lot throughout the night – that certainly hasn’t changed, thankfully – but her banter was rife with outpourings of gratitude and quirky asides that made her feel that much more human. And during the set’s finale – fan favourite ‘i wanna be your girlfriend’ – she even jumped down into the crowd, made her way to the back and “moshed” with the fans, a moment that led to more than a few audience members leaving with tears of joy in their eyes. “She touched me!” could be heard numerous times as we left the MGM Music Hall, something that would probably seem creepy out of context if it wasn’t so goddamn charming.

Girl in Red’s songs about failed relationships and mental health struggles will never go out of style – for some, they will be rightfully timeless entries in the journal of adolescence, helping so many navigate the more vulnerable twists and turns of life. But after last night, it’s clear that – in Marie’s words – she’s ‘back and better than ever’, both musically and personally. And judging from the response of the sold-out crowd in Boston, her fans are more than delighted for her.

Credit: Adeline Foster

girl in red is currently on tour in North America, with European tour dates beginning in August. The delightful new album, I’m Doing it Again, Baby!, is out now on all major streaming platforms.

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