Top 10 albums of 2019 so far…

A lost art form in the streaming age as playlists triumph and singles woo the world. Call us old school, but the long-play format is still as romantic as ever. It’s only halfway through the year, so forgive us if you believe this is *pointless*, but we’ve come up with our top 10 records of the year so far.

#10 Orville Peck – Pony
To the masked man and the masked women, the debutant and the debutante, nothing matters. They are who they are and Orville Peck is Orville Peck. Get the music into your head and prance around to cowboy music like The Rodeo tells you too. It helps trust me. (NI)

#9 Aurora – A Different Kind of Human
As important as it is catchy. It is the musical equivalent of a lone flower in the middle of a burnt down forest, it is a goddamn masterpiece. (TJ)

#8 Weyes Blood – Titanic
Well, I think it’s possible that I could drown listening to this album – just like Jack when he let’s go of that mahogany door from the poncy bit of the boat – and be at peace. The real Titanic was sad, and this is sad too, but in a nice way, you know? It’s like yeah, everything’s shit but you’re going to be just fine. Fuck the cold water, it’s getting warmer anyway right? (NI)

#7 Nilufer Yanya – Miss Universe
This is one of the year’s most creative records, as Nilufer Yanya sets up her own self-help service, lavishes a load of sci-fi sounds on top and uses her unique vocal to coach you through WWAY Health. The regular intervals thread a strong concept from start to finish as Nilufer offers a diverse range of songs from the rock’n’roll ‘All In My Head’ to the dreamy, melodic ‘Safety Net’. (JR)

#6 Vampire Weekend – Father of the Bride
This packs a powerful tie-dye punch in just under an hour. Glowing grooves light up each short story, from the beautiful ‘Bambina’ to the homely ‘Harmony Hall’, and the urge to ‘ooo’ alongside Koenig is hard to fight. Thank God VW are back! (TD)

#5 The Japanese House – Good At Falling
Long-awaited, beautifully crafted debut LP, one for the heartbroken and enamoured alike. After four impressive EPs, The Japanese House has outdone herself in a record that slips effortlessly between joyous alt-pop and ambient melancholy, guiding us through the deepest crevasses of human emotion. (LC)

#4 Jade Bird (self-titled)
She’s rollin’ on through the American roads with a thick British accent and the story-telling prowess of the greats. Riot Grrl mets Americana country in this clash of narrative and protest. Jade Bird hisses at the negative energy in her past and looks forward to a brighter future with a sarcastic smile. (JR)

#3 Foals – Everything Not Saved Part 1
Foals at their unadulterated best with a blend of everything that has made them one of Britain’s favourite bands. From synth-led dance songs to a collection of classic indie bangers, it’s as if they’ve scranned all of their albums, chewed ’em up and spat ’em out as one, meaty concoction. (LG)

#2 Mattiel – Satis Factory
Clink, clonk, clank. Low-fi country style with a groove and a pop and rock and a rollick. Everyone’s a cowboy in 2019, just get loose, get warm and start moving, because Mattiel’s songs are as infectious as they come. (JR)

#1 The National – I Am Easy To Find
Just when you think their music can’t get any more stunning, The National go and team up with a plethora of incredibly talented women whom singlehandedly make I Am Easy To Find soar. Although not without a few misses, the record’s back half is flawless in its own right. Also, I did mention it’s the fucking National, so it’s automatically better than most things. (TJ)

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