Catching Flies- Silver Linings

Catching Flies- Silver Linings
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Between the synths and the electro, Catching Flies provides a silver lining of musical bliss. Each track blurs until you open your eyes in a Kyoto Garden, with glistening lily pads and tranquil waterfalls. This is an escape to a funk-freedom. It takes over and transports you to a musical mirage – a much-needed escape from the world that we know that’s for sure.

The midday album daydream you experience sees synths sparkle in your squinting eyes, electronic pulses flow like pond water between your toes, and Koi fish – ducking and weaving between fallen pink blossoms – buzz alongside the bass-line. Literally hearing harmony, whistling through the breeze, you are at peace. To say you aren’t at ease by the end of this, would truly and utterly be a lie.

Not everyone can afford Ibiza, so a holiday through your headphones is essential sometimes. This takes away the day-to-day and gives you a cocktail in the sun. Cheers Catching Flies.

Haiku Review
Kyoto leaves drop
Into the water, release
Your pent up anger