Pumarosa – Devastation

Pumarosa – Devastation
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Electronic rejuvenation, asphyxiating drums, and lusty synth; get ready for the devastatingly beautiful new age of Pumarosa.

Listening to Devastation is like approaching a roaring hot blue flame. From afar, it is enthralling, glistening in its intense instrumental and spiritual harmonies that you’ve missed from the Londoners. I mean, in the first four seconds of the album, your heartbeats already racing alongside the pulsating beats. But, as you get closer, you can see the lyrics are laced in melancholy, with the visceral verses starting to singe your fingertips and wow, does it fucking burn.

Munoz-Newsome bares her heart within her sprite-like vocals as the album reveals a journey of living and longing; “Sometimes I fuck shit up, just to know that I’m breathing.” The ambition of creating music for the dancefloor but lyrics for your bedroom is a delicacy that Pumarosa have mastered. The balance of light and dark shows Devastation to be an Elation; taking tantalising excitement in life’s mishaps and evolving from it. After two years, Pumarosa have emerged invigorated and ready to take over, and honestly, with this new-found flavour for electro vibes, they sure are giving Crystal Castles a run for their money.

Haiku Review
Oh Devastation,
From afar, you’re so dreamy,
But wow, you’re so sad.

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