BENEE – Stella & Steve

The striking artwork sums up the tongue-in-cheek attitude of New Zealaner BENEE. There’s an ostrich, a zebra and a zebra-ostrich, whilst she stands tall on a fucking car.

You could do a lot of things whilst listening to this new EP from BENEE. This time of year, curling up with a hot chocolate would work well. In 6 months, you could whack it on whilst reading a book on the beach, or you could put it on at a house party and have a little boogie to it. Feeling a little down and in need of a pick me up? This’ll put a spark in ya step, a bounce in yer boot. It’s a versatile offering, a bit like the creator.

BENEE has got all the ingredients. She’s hella cool, has a wonderful voice with a decent range but more importantly, a really warm and welcoming tone. She’s charismatic too, a joy to watch on stage as she dad-dances along to her tunes, but in-between songs, she’s hilarious – better than most stand up comics tbh.

The additions of Gus Daperton and Jack Berry are welcomed, but it’s BENEE’s casual delivery, infectious charm and open honesty that steals the show. This EP is, put simply, fuck loads of fun. There’s elements of seriousness – like when BENEE admits to feeling lonely and being a loser – but the funk, the charm and the smile in which she sings means you ain’t bogged down by the self-doubt.

Haiku Review
Zebra and Ostrich
Sitting in a tree, BENEE
Will get you grooving

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BENEE – Stella & Steve
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