Eve Owen’s debut has mixed results

Eve Owen - Don't Let The Ink Dry
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Eve Owen’s debut album is a picture that’s constantly being added to, both for better and for worse.

The album attempts to bring together an eclectic variety of styles and genres. But ultimately, it ends in a muddled result, particularly on the record’s first half. Here, Owen relies on a faux-ethereal production style that
comes across as contrived and inauthentic.

As the album progresses, the picture becomes clearer as Owen avoids cliches and becomes more confident in her writing style. ‘She Says’ offers delicate intimacy as Owen pours her heart out over a black-and-white piano riff.

Meanwhile ‘Blue Moon’, a charming dedication to late nights spent in refl ective thought, brings an injection of understated Americana to the mix. By album closer, ‘A Lone Song’, you’re left feeling warm and rewarded.

Don’t Let The Ink Dry constantly itches to get onto its next venture, and despite a shaky start, the record improves minute by minute. Sure, its tone will be too whimsical for some, maybe even too eclectic for others, but Owen’s debut is packed with substance when it needs to be.

Haiku Review
A game of two halves,
As the saying goes. Heartfelt,
And packed with substance.

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