Oracle Sisters offer a slice of serenity in latest EP

Oracle Sisters - Paris I
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What do you get when you cross a painter, a mathematician and a model?

Perhaps surprisingly, you get a delicious slice of what they describe as “jangly country-pop”. In actuality, it is far beyond that. Jangly is correct when it comes to Oracle Sisters’ debut EP titled, Paris I.  They’ll lure you in with their light-hearted, twinkling guitars. But beyond that, they somehow manage to dip their fingers into dream rock, folk, soft psychedelia – there’s no stone left unturned. 

The Parisian trio offer a slice of serenity in these unprecedented, turbulent times (bet you hate that phrase cropping up in your emails now, don’t you?). They occupy an often untouched middle ground of dreamlike lightness and mystifying noir, delving between the two throughout. Whilst ‘Asc. Scorpio’ is sprightly and breezy, ‘Nightingale’ opens up a more haunting side to the EP. 

The latter showcases the first solo vocals from Julia Johanssen, and it’s enough to completely enchant you. Something about the band’s music feels as though it is wrapped in a layer of smoke, and I’m not talking about the objectively grim smell of the smoking area in any shit club in the North, here, don’t worry. I mean, that hazy and sweet kind of smokiness that envelopes you with warmth whilst retaining a signature air of mystique. 

‘High Moon’ heightens this hypnotism – the harmonies are some of the most stunning I’ve heard. It’s transportative; embedded in the twinkling track is something astral and spiritual. As a whole, the EP immerses you into tranquility, but the slow-tempo and whispering vocals of ‘High Moon’ is a particular moment of peace.

Peace, serenity, tranquility, whatever you want to call it; this is arguably part of the charm with Oracle Sisters. They know precisely what you need within an EP, progressing gorgeously from the quiet and calm, to cheerful and buoyant. Paris I is pure magic – Oracle Sisters invite you in, and ultimately, I think they manage to cast a spell on you. Consider me charmed.

Haiku Review:
Reminds me of smoke
But not in a grim way though,
Consider me charmed,

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