‘Midnight Manor’ is a brilliant blast from the past

On Midnight Manor, The Nude Party continue their never-ending jam session. Harmonicas and kazoos come and go – like customers in a bar heading out for a cigarette between pints – as dirty licks, chaotic piano playing and a wailing caw lay the foundations for The Nude Party’s third offering of honky tonk rock.

Opening with a playful twinkling of the ivories, ‘Lonely Heather’ sees singer Patton Magee sing at a rapid, undecipherable rate atop of old-school sounds – this two-minute burst thrusts you into the record straight away.

But, after a frenetic start, the six-piece settle down and show a newfound versatility – ‘Shine Your Light’ even has a disco tinge to it, contrasting their typical rock ‘n’ roll sound.  

Throughout, the band tackle serious topics with comedy, making this one of the most entertaining releases of the year. ‘What’s The Deal?’ is a wonderfully sarcastic monologue by a man fed up with life. Meanwhile, ‘Pardon Me, Satan’ is a tongue-in-cheek rant about temptation from an addict’s perspective. It could easily be analysed as a concept record, but Patton Magee assured me otherwise in our recent interview.

A carefree, spontaneous album, it’s as if they’ve accidentally pressed record and decided the end results were worth putting out – a decision that’s certainly paid off.

Cig between each pint,
Folks will always come and go,
Jam sesh forever.

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The Nude Party - Midnight Manor
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