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Top 5 ‘Must Sees’ at Barn On The Farm 2022

Barn on the Farm is a rising independent music festival held outside of Gloucester. The festival prides itself on bringing audiences intimate, boundary-breaking performances from new artists reinventing the mould. This year, they’ve put together a tip top set of acts and, to help you choose who to see, we’ve put together a list of five acts that are not to be missed!

If you haven’t picked up your tickets yet, head over to the festival’s website and get yourself sorted with some, what’s the wait?

#1 Bombay Bicycle Club

Might as well start off with a biggun right? If you haven’t heard of Bombay Bicycle Club yet, then no they’re not a group made of Indian men in lycra. They’re in fact a great indie pop band. Check them out.

A song you need to hear… ‘Eat, Sleep, Wake (Nothing But You’)


A Liverpudlian four-piece with plenty of gift for the gab, STONE are a fierce set of newcomers making their presence heard (and felt). If you head down to see STONE then you’re probably in for a loud one, keep your earplugs in and look after those ear drums.

A song you need to hear… ‘Stupid’

#3 Beebadoobee

Pronounced Bee-ba-doo-bee, this artist is a solid throwback to the mid-2000s. A time when it was okay to wear leg warmers on your arms, have wet-look hair gel in your hair and a chain swinging from your arse pocket. Ah the good old days. Anyway, her music is insanely good and her set will almost definitely be one to remember.

A song you need to hear… ‘Talk’

#4 Connie Constance

Genre stomping, Connie is a must-see. From sombre to hyper, her music is rife with life and bears few clearly drawn ‘influences’. Expect a dynamic set somewhere between the Sex Pistols and Taylor Swift, all complete with Connie’s signature quasi-spoken quasi-shouted vocals. Oh, it’s very good.

A song you need to hear… ‘Miss Power’


NOISY create a unique electronic-indie hybrid; inspired by genres like rap, drum’n’bass and jungle the band make music that is both danceable and singable, and they’ve coined themselves as ‘your new favourite band that sounds nothing like a band’. We’ll let you be the judge of that.

A song you need to hear… ‘Days Go By’

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