Kyle Craft – Showboat Honey

Kyle Craft – Showboat Honey
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I thought the best way to do this would be a few word-associations, some rhyming some not. Please don’t ask me why, ’cause I dont know why. It just felt right…

Kyle craft, red roses, white shoes, size 9, cloud nine, loaded gun, stay fun, drink rum.

New Orleans, daydreams, night nightmares, broken stairs, ‘grow-a-pairs’, good ol’ flairs.

Old, new, knew, news, blues,

Feels like home, hallway piano, cracked mug, tea stains, drains, brains, change, pains.

Outlaw, top-drawer, broken mirror, killer, Specter, saxophone, gold, tooth, loose, caboose, recluse.

Party dress, impress, no stress, depress, less and less, reducing, convulsing, singing.

Love, food, heart, soul, body, mind, grind, find, time, one-line, debit card.

There we have it, read into that shit what you want… Not sure if it achieves anything myself, so maybe just to be clear I’ll say, I think it’s very good. There are some outstanding moments. It’s surreal and challenging at times but, creative and innovative, catchy and groovy. It takes old stuff and mixes it with the less old stuff, then mixes it with something new, and voila, lovely stuff.

Us media folks love repeatedly to say “it’s got all the hallmarks of the ‘greats’ on it,” but, I wouldn’t say it is defined by its relation to old white dudes. There is a hell of a lot of newness and anything but staleness here. Journalists, for some strange reason, can’t help themselves defining artists in relation to other artists, as if any and all fit some generic lineup that they have to tell you. The laziness baffles me… I think the best way to describe it is “Rock out with your cock out stuff”, as our lord saviour, Snoop would say, plain and simple.

Anyway, enough of my arty-farty attempts, get it down your lugholes and find out for yourself.

Haiku Review:
This describes it best,
“Rock out with your cock out stuff”
-Snoop Dog Esquire,

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