Angie McMahon – Salt

Angie McMahon – Salt
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Angie McMahon wears her heart on her sleeve, sharing honest and personal stories through a sullen, brooding vocal, capturing the happenings of her life as she blossoms into adolescence.

She ain’t long into her career, but she’s already found an artistic identity, one that she flaunts across a full-length. There’s a familiarity in the vocal delivery which is pure and free-falling, like an Icelandic waterfall, or a lock of Tom Ogden’s hair. It’s an open exchange between artist and audience, McMahon wailing ‘I’d like to have real love someday’ on ‘Soon’. She writes straight from the heart and leaves you in a pit of tears, the bastard. It’s one of many diary-entry-esque lines to appear across the record.

She embodies the pain and emotions of her words in her voice – you know exactly what she’s feeling at every point. The tempo and volume rise and falls casually, leaving you dazed and entranced in the subtleties and intimacies of this LP. Albeit a little repetitive at times instrumentally, McMahon’s honesty and clever wordplay keeps you entertained and in awe.

Haiku Review:
Review Singing lullabies,
McMahon defines songwriter,
And shoots for the heart,

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