Pizzagirl – First Timer

Pizzagirl – First Timer
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Pizzagirl debut, First Timer, treats us to a daydream. I feel like this is what we would have got if The Beatles had picked up a synthesizer rather than a guitar.

‘Ball’s gonna keep on rollin’ is one of the best opening tracks I’ve heard in a long while and that isn’t something you should take lightly. The strong, clean vocals emit unerring confidence when coupled with the unmistakable sound of 80s party-synth. If I were a girl, I could just imagine blasting this song through my Sony Walkman, whilst putting on my jet black eyeliner, killer red lipstick and bright green high heels, before heading out to tear up an underground rave.

‘Daytrip’ keeps the vibe alive with more happy-go-lucky synth-bop and care-free lyrics, which sets up another 8 impressively consistent tracks. In fact, ‘thispartysux’ probably sends the most despondent message, but it’s sung so poetically over a trademark uplifting beat that you’d be hard-pressed to feel sorry for the lad.

I’ve just stumbled home, my eyeliner is running and my red lipstick is smudged. I climb into bed… It’s 4 in the morning, but Pizzagirl has still got time for me. ‘Goodnight’ calms me of any post-acid-house-rave para and escorts me into a well-earned distant and dreamy slumber.

Haiku Review
It’s a synth daydream.
It’s shamelessly eighties-like.
It’s Pizzagirl… damn.

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