Tempers had us wrapped around their finger at YES

Gigs on a Sunday are like chips and curry to me; apparently it’s quite nice but I haven’t had the urge to try it.  

The kerfuffle of figuring out transport and sleeping off Saturday’s hangovers have always turned me away from attending anything come the day of rest. But, when I heard Tempers were making their debut at YES’s basement stage in Manchester, I couldn’t help but give in.

Braced with only the two New Yorkers, a guitar and strands of LED lights, the stage seemed so empty at first. But as they sank into some opening chords their presence warped you into a twisted American fantasy. 

When their latest release, Private Life, came out, I fell in love with the track ‘Capital Pains’, so much so that it became a capital pain in my arse – I couldn’t get it out of my head. Being able to hear it live made all those sleepless nights spent running over the chorus in my head worth it. The beauty of its dark synth echoed around the room, sending out tremors of electronica and wrapping us right around their finger. 

Their effortless concoction of dreamy meanderings and post-punk led to an hour set of drifting lyrics plucking you out of YES’s basement and into the world of Tempers. A world of something dark, hard-edged, and totally immersive. 

Sunday’s are usually a day of rest, but last Sunday I was wide awake and absolutely bopping. And honestly? I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

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