The Round-Up (26/03/21)

The best new releases from the past week.

Track of the Week:
Opus Kink – Wild Bill

This is a proper chanting Western number: it’s one for the big horse chase at the end of the film. Or maybe it accompanies the main credit sequence of a film with the same name. Either way, it’s a ball of energy and a throwback to our favourite period of history.

Also new this week…

Birdy – Deepest Lonely
Gorgeous sounds from Birdy’s latest release. Deep piano chords in the verses match a chorus full of faint strings, soaring harmonies and sparse-yet-prominent drums. Very effective.

Black Midi – John L
London experimental rockers Black Midi are back! They’ve moved on from purposeful abstraction and have focused their songwriting on mythical scenarios… Like what happens when cult members turn on their leader. Buckle up for a suitably wild ride.

Foxes – Kathleen
Cuts right through you, this one. Recovering from heartbreak, Foxes relays a message of strength and hope for the future. Slow to start, but gains glorious momentum in no time; it’s an anthem for the bruised hearts of the world.

HANYA – Lydia
A beautifully symphonic and, at times, psychedelic journey. There’s a solid acoustic foundation that just gets amplified with every verse – like a grand palace undergoing construction.

Kate Clover – Love You To Death
Combining the raucous energy of punk rock with the elegance and freedom of Blondie, Kate Clover is putting her own stamp on old tricks. A fun, upbeat track that’ll get you up in the morning.

Lord Huron – Mine Forever
The second track of their upcoming fourth album, ‘Mine Forever’ recounts a humbling tale of lost love. Lord Huron create a soundscape typical of their Americana-rock fusion, peppered with rumbling guitars, haunting vocals and even a string or two, for good measure. Delightful, darling.

Madi Diaz – New Person, Old Place
Madi Diaz’s vocal is eerily similar to that of Phoebe Bridgers’. The big difference between the two is that, in Diaz’s songwriting, there’s a bit of hope at the end. If you like beautiful lyrics paired with a beautiful vocal that is a smidge more uplifting than your usual playlists, this is the one for you.

Max Jury & Fenne Lily – The Desperate Kingdom of Love
This song was already a triumph – I mean, who doesn’t love PJ Harvey. But, the transatlantic partnership of singer songwriter Max Jury and Dorset-born Fenne Lily really gives it a warm aesthetic.

Tarragon – Follow the Sign
Taking up a similar soundscape to The War on Drugs and Fleet Foxes, Tarragon add their own spices to the mix with a charming saxophone solo and a vocal that melts like butter.

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