The Round-Up (09/04/21)

Track of the Week:
Wallice – Hey Michael

Wallice’s latest release is an ode to scary men who idolise Patrick Bateman and refuse to respect women. A sarcastic song that’s hilarious despite its honest truths, Wallice once again proves her knack for tongue-in-cheek songwriting.

Also new this week…

Billie Marten – Creature of Mine
Billie Marten is showing off her darker side with these new singles. Her delicate vocal is contrasted by a menacing sound that’s propelled by percussion and bass, a stark contrast from her previous two albums.

Keir & Fenne Lily – Leave a Light On
Soft and warming as the name suggests, this collaboration sees two new artists join forces with epic results. Emotive and passionate, ‘Leave a Light On’ is stark in its honesty – you get a real feel for the conversation at hand, which is a true testament to the songwriting.

Fickle Friends – Not in the Mood
More delicious indie pop from Fickle Friends. With its catchy beats and a chorus to send the crowds wild at festival season, ‘Not in the Mood’ sees a continuation of their infectious energy.

Overcoats ft. Tennis – The Hardest Part
Two voices meet in perfect harmony on ‘The Hardest Part’. Taken from Overcoats’ upcoming EP, Used To Be Scared of the Dark, this first taste is a sweet one; an exciting release for both duos.

A raw, bluesy number that potters along like a hen on a ranch, PACKS’ latest single is an assured number from an artist completely in tune with their own abilities.

Rachel Sermanni – Swallow Me
It’s been bloody freezing this week. Absolutely baltic. I’ve even had the heating on, not that my bank account will be thanking me much for that. Thankfully, this new one from Rachel Sermanni has helped warm me too – it’s a musical hot chocolate.

Sinead O Brien – Kid Stuff
Sinead’s gone dance! ‘Kid Stuff’ is a funky number that’ll make you move. Lyrically, it’s a chaotic, in cohesive narrative that sends your head into a spin, much like how most of you will be feeling on Monday evening.

The Lathums – Oh My Love
Summer is coming… please, God, let summer be coming. When the days finally arrive for ice lollies and day seshes in the park, The Lathums have the perfect song to soundtrack the sun. Joyful and innocent, this encapsulates everything we look forward to come June.