The Round-Up (07/01/21)

Track of the Week: Molly Burch ft Wild Nothing – Emotion
Simply and somewhat aptly-titled ‘Emotion’ delivers  just the type of luscious disco pop that we all need right now. Swooning vocals from Molly Burch and superb guitars with help from Wild Nothing make it a standout track worthy of our top spot. 

Celeste – Love is Black
In ‘Love Is Back’ Celeste looks at the world through rose-tinted glasses. The track is a daydream, with the singer soulful vocals and a bubbling retro backing capturing the euphoria of a new romance seamlessly. In love or not, Celeste’s romantic optimism addictive, making it the ideal track to carry into the new year.

Gabrielle Aplin – When The Lights Go Out
Gorgeous soft pop. Gabrielle’s voice is controlled and touching in ‘When The Lights Go Out’, a track that feels vulnerable and exciting all at once.

Jacob Collier – The Sun Is In Your Eyes – Voice Memo
Feeling that winter acoustic vibe? Us too. Jacob Collier sits with guitar and vocals only in this new song: simple, effective, very moving.

Pity Party (Girls Club) – I hope that u think of me
Barely two minutes long, ‘I hope that u think of me’ sounds like a faintly hungover Sunday: cosy, hushed, nothing too strenuous. Might not cure that headache, but it’ll definitely soothe your nerves.

Shame – Nigel Hitter
Shame’s new track ‘Nigel Hitter’ delves into the mundane with enough energy to jump start a car. Lyrics focusing on everyday household chores are transformed by skittish guitars and frantic drum beats, coming together to create a 21st century Brit-pop banger. You’ll never look at ironing the same way.

Tommy Down – Friday
What a tune this is. Brimming with soul, ‘Friday’ carries the perfect beat for a song of such a title. It’s just joyful, enjoy.

Vagabon ft Courtney Barnett – Reason to Believe
Vagabon and Courtney Barnett team up to cover Rod Stewart’s timeless ‘Reason To Believe’, with some big Mazzy Star vibes that Hope Sandoval herself would be proud of. It starts and then it twangs at your heart, get ready.

Valley Maker – Nothing is Missing
There’s nothing wrong with a hearty dose of Americana. Transporting us from the miserbaless of Lockdown 3.0 to the vast plains of a sprawling desert, rife with cow skulls and cacti… that’s where this tune take us, far away. And, quite frankly, that’s why we love it.

Viagra Boys – Girls & Boys
Utterly disappointed and disgusted to find out this wasn’t a cover of Blur’s 1994 smash hit. Least its got some snarky lyrics and wild percussion going for it. The screaming bits are cool too. Not such a disappointment after all.